Tricks That Don’t Work In Getting Your Ex Back

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Getting Your Ex BackAnyone who has gone through a relationship will tell you that it takes some doing to lower a person back after they’ve broken up with you. Some people will go as far as using techniques and tricks to get the other back. However, not all tricks for getting your ex back are effective and could ruin any chance of you getting with them again.

So to improve your chances, here are some tricks that have proven their effectiveness when trying to get back with your ex.


Getting Your Ex Back – Don’t Get Too Eager

Displaying too much eagerness to get back together can be a clear indicator of ones desperation and a great repellant for many exes. If you want to make sure you don’t push your ex further away, then by all means don’t get too over zealous in getting your ex back. This also includes throwing yourself at them or trying too hard to please them. Don’t do it! It only shows your willingness to do whatever your ex commands, whether or not it coincides with your better judgment.

Getting too friendly with your ex can become a problem, particularly because you’ll want to harbor romantic feelings to your ex all the time. In other words, getting too friendly at this conjuncture will leave you wide open to some undesirable situations that you may want to avoid, while the two of you are still broken up.

Try to remember that traditional rules apply to couples not you when going through a breakup. There’s a good chance of you getting caught up in some awkward times that could cause you to do something ill-advised, like acting like a complete jerk around your ex’s suitors. If this were to happen, then you can count on it putting you in a bad situation with your ex, thus ruining the chance of you getting back together with your ex.


Don’t Use Jealousy To Win

Some people try to get their ex jealous by dating other people when thinking that will make them want to come back. If you do that, not only will this have an adverse effect but can cause your ex to open his/her arms to another. Just keep in mind that this trick very rarely works, and even if you’re fortunate enough to succeed in making the other jealous, in all likelihood, your ex will return the favor and make you jealous instead of succumbing to your tactic to get them back.

If you go down that road, it could become a match between the both of you to see who can outdo the other, and this never ends on a happy note.


Don’t Force Your Ex

Getting ones ex back should never include coercing them since that will only add more problems for you. For instance, your ex will likely feel irritated and annoyed when using force to get them to come back to you. Once this happens negative feeling come into play and you can kiss the chances of you getting your ex back goodbye.

If the reverse were to happen and your ex gets coerced into an agreement to get back together with you, at some point and time, s/he will break the relationship due to the fact that it was never their decision to return.

What you need to do is allow the love of your life to make his/her own decision, instead of trying to force them to come back. As you can see, this really isn’t a trick at all. Using tricks are just ones thinking that they can force the outcome, rather than letting things occur naturally. And that my friend is how getting your ex back should be.

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