Surviving Breakup for Men and Women

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10 Rules to Surviving a Bad Breakup

Surviving Breakup150x150Breakups are difficult on everybody. Whether you were with your partner for a year or 10 years, pain, sadness and grief are normal, especially if you have a less than amicable breakup.

If you’re going through a breakup, there are some things you can do to keep yourself healthy and get through it. Arguing and fighting does nothing but cause more pain and in the long run could make it harder to survive a breakup. So here’s what you should do…

  1. Allow yourself to grieve. No matter what caused the breakup, it’s normal to feel pain and grief. If you try to stop yourself from having these feelings, you won’t start the healing process.
  3. Do something you enjoy every single day. Allowing yourself time to grieve is natural, but you can’t do it constantly. Make the time to play a sport, go to a movie or just read a book. Just pick an activity that you like and may help reduce your stress level.
  5. Talk to friends, family and loved ones. You don’t have to tell everyone in your life everything about your breakup, but talking to one or two select people could really help you deal with what you’re feeling, especially if there were unresolved issues in your relationship that caused the breakup.
  7. Stay busy. Chances are you’re already busy with work and social commitments, but staying busy can help keep you from dwelling on your breakup. Don’t cancel plans with your friends or family, even if you really don’t feel like going out. Once you get out of the house, you’ll likely feel much better.
  9. Think positive thoughts. One of the hardest parts of a breakup is feeling alone and unsure whether you’ll ever have anybody special in your life again. Instead of dwelling on those negative thoughts, find a few positive benefits of the breakup and try to think about those instead.
  11. Find a new hobby. Breakups often signal change for people, and it isn’t uncommon to see somebody sporting a new haircut or wardrobe after a breakup. While there’s nothing wrong with changing your hairstyle, it’s just a reactionary measure and won’t really change who you are. Try taking up a new hobby or learning a language that you’ve always been interested in. That way you’ll be instituting positive change and growing as a person instead of just changing the way you look.
  13. Hide reminders of your relationship. You don’t need to throw away pictures of you and your ex, but getting things that remind you of them out of the way can make it easier to heal. Gather these items and put them in a box. Seal the box and put it out of sight. Someday you’ll be able to look at those items fondly, but for now, they’re best out of your line of sight.
  15. Try to get back to dating. You don’t have to jump into a serious relationship right away. For the newly single, creating an online dating profile can be an easy, friendly way to get back into the dating scene. Meeting somebody you like spending time with can help ease the pain of a breakup and help you enjoy life.
  17. Don’t spend a lot of time with your ex. This one might sound obvious, but some people try to jump into being friends with their ex right away. While that might work out for you a year down the road, you need time to grieve and move on. You won’t be able to do that with your ex hanging around all the time.
  19. Make a list of negative things about your relationship. If you’re having a hard time putting the relationship behind you, this can help a lot. Keep the list in your wallet or purse and pull it out when you find yourself feeling too depressed.

You will get over your breakup, and when you look back on it, you’ll wonder who that depressed, mopey person was. It takes time to get over the end of a relationship. Allow yourself the time you need and take care of yourself in the process.

Lauryn Winterson is a professional writer that enjoys spending time with her family, hiking and traveling. She also has extensive relationship experience. For more information, visit


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