5 Tips To Ending A Relationship Gracefully

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Ending A Relationship Gracefully Through Affective Planning


Ending RelationshipUnfortunately, there are occasions when what started out as a happy relationship must come to an end. However, ending a relationship gracefully might end up being a very challenging task. There are many things that can cause a break up to go wrong, but that doesn’t mean it has to turn out that way. Listed below are some tips that can assist you in parting ways in a more civilize manner.

Don’t make a move to call the relationship off too abruptly. You need to be 100% positive that this is something you need to do, and exactly why it has to be done. This is serious, because the minute you mention one inkling of an idea of splitting up, there’s no practical way to recant it without sounding confused.


Ending A Relationship Gracefully – 5 Most Important Tips

Tip #1: Just Tell the truth – You might think that you don’t owe your partner any explanation, but as one human being to another, they truly deserve better (getting the truth). If you made up your mind to terminate the relationship because of something you did that was wrong, now would be the time to set the record straight. You might feel that telling a few lies can make the breaking up process easier, but in the aftermath things usually have a way to come back at you in the wrong way.

Tip #2: Stay calm, collective, respectful and direct – If there’s any one thing you can be sure of, emotions will stir and could climax to a higher degree once you initiate the breakup. Bare in mind, however, that the ball is really in your court. What that means is you must establish the tone, which means staying calm and direct while giving respect to make everything go smoothly as possible. Having said that…

Tip #3: Expect the unexpected – You might visualize your partner getting angry and breaking up your valuables in front of you, or picture them sitting motionless, without any expression and appear distant. Whatever you believe the outcome will be, there’s one thing you can be sure of, things will not happen the way you think. For this reason alone, it’s best that you have a plan in mind and stay with it.

Tip #4: Keep an eye out for manipulation – Chances are your soon-to-be ex will try to do whatever they can to get you to stay. If it leads to manipulating you to stay in the relationship, this will no doubt trigger resentment. Then again, they could raise a valid point that you didn’t think about before. Just take extra care when trying to figure out what’s really taking place. And, out of fairness, make certain you are not the one manipulating things.

Tip #5: Dwelling on the past – This tip was save for last because of the difficulty involved. Though you will want to explain your decision for the break up, whatever you do just don’t bring up any past faults that may lead to a heated argument. The two of you already know each other’s negative traits, so there’s no need to communicate them. If on the other hand it can’t be avoided when explaining why you are leaving, simply stick with the facts and avoid personal attacks.

Ending a relationship gracefully is always hard to do. Adding more wood to the fire is never a classy thing to do. It takes a well thought out plan and careful timing to end things with dignity, which is the most civilize thing to do – for both parties involved.


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