The Pain Of A Breakup

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4 Straight-Forward Approaches To Ease The Pain Of A Breakup


“There are plenty of fish in the ocean.”

Breakup PainWhy is it that everyone feels the need to share that old cliche’ with you whenever you end a relationship? Is it because they are trying to ease the pain of a breakup? Unfortunately, it never seems to help make the situation any better. However, there is some good news where you can apply some things to begin feeling better while moving on with your life.

In the aftermath of a broken love relationship where feelings are hurt, tears are flowing and tempers flare, the thought of ever falling in love again seems highly unlikely. Consequently, when going through a situation like this it’s important to note that the ebb and flow of emotions after splitting up are quite normal.

Aside from time to heal, the single most important thing is being able to process everything correctly and accept things for what they truly are. Do that and the pain of your break up will subside easier and automatically. Bear in mind, however, that this could take a little while before you get to that point. In the meantime, here are some things you can do to make yourself feel better.


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The Pain Of A BreakupSimple Ways to Mend a Broken Heart

Get out and about: Keeping yourself hidden indoors slows down the healing process. But, no harm is done when needing some alone time; you just don’t want to prolong it. Force yourself out of the house as soon as possible and try to focus on what life really has to offer. During this time, it’s best to avoid familiar places and things that remind you of your ex. Besides that, just try to enjoy people, places and things around you.

Keep busy: Though you shouldn’t completely ignore what you’re experiencing right now, it’s important not to stay focused on it. Engage in positive and productive activities to heal your heart and mind. Take this time to do some of the things you thought about but never did them — like joining the spa, taking a trip, or learning how to play an instrument. Anything that requires some level of movement and thought.

Laughter: As difficult as this may seem right now, try to laugh without feeling guilty about it. Laughter has been known to produce “feel good” chemicals in the brain. Which means the more you laughter the better you feel. This process is never easy when trying to ease the pain from a breakup, nonetheless if you allow yourself to smile and laugh there’s a good chance you will heal quicker.

Find Help: What if everything you tried to do simply doesn’t work? In that case, help from a reputable counselor, therapist or psychiatrist is best — they are expects in their fields and will help resolve issues. Moreover, they specialize in doing a particular thing better than the average person, which is listening. It just may happen that someone who lends a non-judgemental ear could be the best remedy for you when trying to move forward.

No one enjoys parting ways with something they love. Even when knowing things were getting worse for a while, the split up itself is often hard to deal with. Just remember that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with feeling low, you just don’t want to make it long lasting. Sooner rather than later, you must force yourself to become proactive in trying to ease the pain of a breakup. Using the aforementioned simple ways will have you feeling a lot better about yourself soon.


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