Get X Back

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Reasons How Not to Get Your Ex-Lover Back


Get X BackMost people know how difficult it is to let go of something that was dear to them. It’s the same issue they encountered when dealing with a break up and having to let the other person go. But the results can be two-fold: Either they realize that staying in the relationship wasn’t a good thing or will continue to work to get their ex back.

Some relationships turn out to have a really nice girlfriend or boyfriend, as oppose to other relationships that had a partner who didn’t enhance the quality of their well-being. If you are experiencing a relationship like this, then it would be in your best interest to move on. Here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t want to Get X Back.


How Not to Get X Back Reasons

They Were Physically Abusive

Perhaps you became the victim where the other person was physically abusive in the relationship. That being the case, you shouldn’t even think about rekindling the relationship. Even if they said they’ve changed, you should never place yourself in what could be a repeated violent situation. Anyone failing to respect you and harmed you physically should be avoided at all costs.


They Were Mentally Abusive

If you were involved in a relationship with someone who was emotionally abusive, you shouldn’t consider going back to that person. There’s a possibility that something will trigger them again to manipulate and control you, while breaking you down and destroying your self worth. So never consider being with someone who works against the best in you.


They Were Selfish

Why some people are more self-centered than others is difficult to comprehend. Though being selfish at times is a common thing, it’s not normal however when selfishness hurts the other person you’re involved with. Take for instance your ex, who doesn’t think about your overall well-being or emotions because of their selfishness. Anyone looking at your relationship from the outside, looking in, will be the first to tell you how not to get your ex back.


They Were Immature

Some people are guilty of immaturity from time to time when involved in a relationship, but it’s when things get out of hand that causes problems. If the person you are with has an issue with being too immature, you are better off taking a step back from the relationship and giving them more time to grow up. If this doesn’t work and they still haven’t corrected themselves, then you should not an effort to get X back.


They Cheated

A never ending saga in many relationships is cheating. Not only can it be confusing but extremely personal. Even though you might see it as only a one-time mistake, problem is you will be unsure if they will ever change. Truthfully, if you were cheated on, there’s a great possibility that he or she will cheat on you again. So having to go through that all over again with the same person, you might not want to get back with them again.

You’ve just explored the reasons to not want to get X back. Some of the reasons are serious while others are more personal. In either case, you need to take a close look at your past relationship to comprehend how your ex dealt with you, how you felt during your time with him or her. If your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend displayed any of these qualities, you need to seriously think about your self worth. If for some reason they failed to respect you then, why should they respect you now. This means you should not work to get back together with your ex again.


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