How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

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How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

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Exactly how long or fast did it take you to figure out that you want to know how to get your ex girlfriend back? Some men reach this conclusion as soon as their girlfriends leave them and realize they want to get back with them, while other men can’t seem to figure this out until they date another woman and discover after words that ‘something is missing’. But whatever the amount of time it takes for this to register in your mind to get your ex girlfriend back, this process can be short and simple when the following steps are applied:

The first thing you need to do is keep looking smart and fit. You can do this easily even when feeling a bit down and stressed which leads to eating all the wrong foods. When you don’t take good care of yourself extra pounds can pile up within weeks of unhealthy eating. So try to avoid being down on yourself and get to the gym instead, or head over to the track.

The second thing you should do to get your ex girlfriend back is take a shower and change after your workout, then head into town and enjoy yourself. Casually dating another girl won’t hurt your chances to get back with your ex when leaving sex totally out of the picture.

Keep in mind, you’re no longer in a relationship with your ex girlfriend anymore because of the breakup. You might think the opposite but until then you are single and out of a relationship. What you don’t want to do is think only about yourself and hurt the other girl just to make your ex girlfriend jealous. Let the other girl know that you are only interested in a platonic relationship and nothing else.

The third thing is getting everything that occurred in your previous relationship into perspective. There is no point in fooling yourself about what caused the relationship to go wrong. It’s important that you be honest and open with yourself and your ex if any reconciliation is to be effective and everlasting. So you will need to man up to any mistakes you’ve made as part of your understanding of how to get your ex girlfriend back. This can be the deal breaker or maker — so owning up to your part that led to the relationship split up is extremely important.

When you are sure that your emotions are in tact and had enough time to think things through with a healthy perspective on the relationship, make this the right time to contact your ex. Talk to her and make absolutely sure you listen to her. By all means, don’t inflict any pressure on her. Be patient, don’t be pushy! Just spend a few minutes on the phone weighing in what her thinking is right now to deduce whether or not she appears to be in an approachable mood.

This is where you must consider your approach to ask her for another chance or wait for the right time. Assessing this will be based on her present mood. So keep that in mind before making your move to get back together with your ex. Contact her once in a while if you feel she’s not ready yet but not too often. Remember, patience is a virtue and you are hoping that at some point and time she starts to miss you and become a little more relaxed. Making her laugh is a clear sign that she’s a little more at ease.

These are some of the initial steps to consider when wanting to know how to get your ex girlfriend back. The process can be short or long depending on both parties involved. But if you are patient, honest and don’t add more to the fire, it helps neutralize things so that the break up doesn’t go backwards any further. This is sometimes easier said than done and their are additional methods that can be put into play when matters are still let unresolved.

Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Get Ex Girlfriend Back