Ex Doesn’t Want To Get Back Together

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Signals That Your Ex Doesn’t Want To Get Back Together


Ex Doesn't Want To Get Back TogetherAre you pondering over whether or not getting back together with your ex is a good idea, but get the distinct notion that your ex doesn’t feel the same way, and you want to know precisely how to detect if indeed your ex feels that way or not? If your answer to the question with a yes, then there’s no cause to be worried because there are ways to discover if your Ex Doesn’t Want To Get Back Together with you.

Simply read the hints below and learn how to make your own determination:

Abstains from Dwelling On The Past

Anytime your ex makes a great effort to change the subject when you are talking about your previous relationship, or if s/he says to you to not discuss it, then there stands a great chance that your ex isn’t comfortable with mentioning the past, particularly because s/he is trying to avoid any old memories regarding it, either that or s/he has no desire to get back together with you.

If your ex appears disinterested, don’t force the subject with him or her, as this will only bother them. It’s probably best to put the conversations of your past on hold for the time being.


Avoids Spending Time Together

Even though most people might want to remain platonic friends with their exes, this isn’t always possible. Normally, ex-couples aren’t comfortable with going out with their exes, whether it’s just a friendly get together, or a group gathering of friends.

If your ex refuses your advances to spend some time together, then this could be a clear sign that your ex-partner could very well be trying to have some distance from you, and even more so if your breakup was quite recent.
Should this happen, try not to get too overwhelmed because this can potentially work in your favor, particularly when there’s a chance that your ex will begin to miss you at some point and time, just make a grave effort not to get too pushy with your advances, as this can be somewhat irritating.


Having Fun Dating Other People

If your ex seems particularly happy with romantic dates with another man or woman, then that of course is a clear sign that your ex wants to get over you. That being the case, the last thing on your ex’s mind is the both of you getting back together, which means s/he is more determined to move on. When an ex begins to date other people, this could be an attempt to start a new relationship with someone else, and that your past relationship is presently in the back of his/her mind.

However, not to worry, as this should also be an indicator for you to move on as well and get started on a new relationship.


No interest In Your Social Life

In many cases, when someone is planning on getting back together with their ex-partner, they usually try to attain information about their social life, like who they are dating, or how they’re doing socially, or places they normally go now that they are apart. If your ex is not interested in acquiring this data, then that could indicate they aren’t interested in your love life.

So when the other individual shows a disinterest in this area of your life it’s a clear indicator that there’s a narrow chance of them hoping to work towards solving what is already considered a lost relationship. The basic facts can hurt when concluding your ex doesn’t want to get back together with you, but it’s good to know how to analyze certain things if you should make an effort to get back together with your ex-partner or move on with your life.

Ex Doesn't Want to Get Back Together Right Now

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