Ex Wants To Get Back Together

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4 Tale-Telling Signs If Your Ex Wants to Get Back Together


Ex Wants To Get Back TogetherAre you thinking about getting back together with your ex, but reluctant to do so because you’re not sure whether or not your ex feels the same way? If the answer is yes, then you might want to stick around because this article will assist you in determining whether or not your ex wants to get back together with you.

Here are some of the signals to look out for:


Maintains On-going Contact

One give away is the constant contacts you receive from your ex. If s/he is always trying to find ways to talk or see you, then you can bet your bottom dollar this is one of the sure signs. This is clear indicator shows that s/he wants to work things out and get back together with you. Pay strict attention to the number of attempts – the more frequent they are – the higher the probability your ex is leading towards rekindling the relationship.

If you are still not convinced, keep in mind that when a person wants to move on with their life, s/he is more inclined to distant themselves from the other person they still have feelings for – not close by to see you’re up to.


Questions About Your Social Life

Whenever your ex ask questions about your dating status this is another strong indicator that s/he is still interested in you. This isn’t hard to figure out when seeing that your ex is trying to determine whether or not you are dating someone. In other words, s/he is just checking to see where they stand in your social life.

Lets say your ex now knows you are dating, you may notice a change in their attitude and actions taken, mostly because s/he is afraid that they could lose you to another person as the dating continues.


Brings Up The Past

Another signal is when the two of you are indulging in some friendly chit-chat, take notice if your ex always bring up memories from your past relationship, like when s/he says “do you remember…?”

Answering these questions clearly says there’s a great chance that your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend is still very much in to you, and wants to get back together.

When talking about past experiences in your relationship together, your ex is hoping that you’ll reminisce some of the fond memories you both shared together, in addition to seeing if you’ll give any hints and how you react to the whole getting back together idea during the conversation.


Jealousy Comes Easy

There’s a well known little test that ex-couples sometime use after a break up just to see how the other person reacts when dating someone else (Hence: The movie “The Break Up”). If you do this and your ex gets jealous, no doubt s/he still has strong feelings for you.

However, there can be some drawbacks to using this test so using it will mean taking extreme care. If misused, there is bound to be unwanted trouble. It can backfire on you rather than offer you a sign that your ex is still interested in getting back with you again.

You’ve just covered four of the signs that can truly assist you in knowing whether or not your ex wants to get back together with you. So pay attention to signals that your former girlfriend or boyfriend is displaying verbally, emotionally, and physically.

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