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How To Deal With Relationship Depression


Depression And Relationships You wouldn’t think so but Depression And Relationships go hand and hand for a number of reasons. One being a love affair that has gone south and ended up in a separation or breakup. You might think how crazy it is to feel this way simply because you saved your relationship, whereas the both of you stayed together. You are expected to be happy, not struggling from relationship depression.

Nonetheless, it’s not unusual because no matter how well a relationship is going right now, you might face a rocky road ahead. If your biggest fear was losing your significant other, you shouldn’t be unhappy, right? You both are still together and that’s the most important thing right now. So why is Depression And Relationships still connected to one another?

When going through this bump in the road it can be dreadful. Your emotions display grief and if cheating is part of the problem, then undergoing a cooling off period or breakup is even more tragic. There’s nothing as painful as the person you love is being unfaithful, so what else could there be in the relationship that’s more hurtful?

If you were indeed cheated on and have forgiven your mate for the sake of keeping the relationship intact, then it’s going to take quite some time for the healing process to take effect. It’s completely understandable that you feel depressed! You are taking another chance where you could get hurt again.

On the other hand, if your mate has forgiven you for cheating, perhaps you feel somewhat depressed because of the hurt you caused them and it’s just now hitting home. Or maybe being hounded by your mate that suspects your every move is the reason you feel depressed. Then there’s the possibility of you realizing that your unhappiness stems from being in a relationship you no longer wish to be in.

If not the above, then no cheating was going on but depression strikes and makes you feel awful. Whatever the case may be, either you or your mate wasn’t together, or were contemplating on breaking up. That decision can be a bit hard to cope with! So now you’ve come face to face with knowing that your significant other was going to move on with his/her life without you, and the fact they even considered such a thing is devastating!


Depression And Relationships – Fear Factor

Other times Depression And Relationships can be caused by fear. If you ever experienced this before, no doubt you felt terrible when knowing things were about to be over or ended right than and there, and you never forgot that feeling. As a result, you may feel (without giving it much thought) the same feelings as if the relationship had ended.

That alone can be the cause of feeling depressed when you reminiscent what happened in the past is now happening again, which by the way is a natural impulse.

On the whole, a breakup is considered the most devastating thing that an individual can suffer from, whatever the reason. And, just because you didn’t split up officially, things could become so stressful that the chance of it happening was always there. Whichever road the relationship takes, you go through the same emotional and thought process as you do in any painful episode, such as death.

This life challenge is extremely difficult when experiencing a breakup or near breakup. It’s quite a feat that you were able to resolved everything if that’s the case and put it to rest to save the relationship. Life is full of challenges and staying strong in your relationship is certainly one of them. Just make certain that this is where you truly want to be. That way the depression should disappear at some point in time.

Hopefully, reading this article on depression and relationships has shed some light on this common issue that effects so many love relationships. Should you be interested in knowing more, as well as preventing and keeping a strong and healthy love relationship, there are many resources available here at ExBackDotCom.

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